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About Realstone

Realstone Natural Stone Veneer Products

Natural thin stone veneer panels in Toronto, Ontario

Realstone Systems has developed a line of stone veneer products that are recognized for their quality, natural beauty, and ease of installation backed by exceptional customer service. With a large range of panel and mat products complimented by corresponding accessories, Realstone provides a top-to-bottom solution for a complete installation of natural stone veneer.

Superior Quality of Stone Veneer Panels, Mats and Accesories

Years of continuous innovation in manufacturing and production have produced an ASTM certified stone veneer product that is ideal for interior and exterior applications. Every stone in all Realstone products is hand selected and crafted by our expert stone masons into panels, mats and accessories. Using natural slate, quartz and sandstone our masons adhere to strict guidelines to create products with subtle color blends, consistency and a striking appearance. All our products have to pass stringent quality inspections adhering to our 2mm, 1 lb variance as well as meeting color variance guidelines. Our strict standards produce a top quality product that sets the bar in the natural stone veneer industry and results in seamless and stunning architectural applications.


Realstone combines the timeless beauty and durability of real stone with the ease of installation of thin stone veneers. Our stone is available in over 12 different stone colors, 5 distinct panel profiles, 5 mat patterns and an ever growing collection of stone accessories. From warm Terracotta Verde to dazzling Arctic White, Realstone provides one of the largest collections of stone options in the industry. Contractors, masons and DIY’s alike love Realstone for its quick, easy and clean application. Unlike engineered products, natural stone needs little maintenance and can last a lifetime.


Realstone is proud to offer products that contain pre-consumer recycled content providing green benefits and possible LEED points. Made of reclaimed natural stone, the thin stone veneers are ideal for use by architects, designers and homeowners looking to incorporate responsible and beautiful materials into their projects.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on putting the client first by providing all materials necessary to make every project outstanding. We work with architects and designers to design and fabricate custom pieces. We provide samples, design support materials, inspirational photos and the necessary architectural drawings and specifications to complete the project on time and within budget.

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